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My Website is in Facebook Jail!

Updated: Jan 6

Facebook has banned this entire website. They started by taking down anything I posted that linked to it, one by one. At first, I saw the images they were taking down and I had the opportunity to dispute it, although they never responded. Then, they started not showing me what they removed. My website's URL disappeared from my business page and from Instagram. When I try to restore it, a pop-up tells me that I can't share the URL because it goes against Community Standards and is abusive. I'm sure there's nothing about my website that could be considered "against community standards" or "abusive". I welcome feedback from everyone who feels like searching my site. If you find anything that you think may have caused this, please let me know. The worst thing about it is that if a visitor to my site tries to share an image using the share button or a link, they get a message telling them that "this website has been reported as abusive". Seems libelous, doesn't it? It certainly must scare people away. I removed the social share icons, because I couldn't remove just Facebook. They all had to go. What a shame!

screenshot of facebook warning about blocked content
Facebook warning about blocked content

However, in my search for an answer, FaceBook showed me this:

Screenshot of facebook pages saying account looks good
Facebook account looks good

Really? Then what's the problem?

Until this is resolved and my website is reinstated, the links I'll share to Facebook will be from my Pictorem shop. There is a link to this website near the top of my Home Page in that shop. Hopefully FB won't notice that.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, and for your support!

From the Purple House,

Jodi DiLiberto

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