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Photo of the musician, with long white hair and wearing green Renaissance garb. She is holding an alto recorder. There is green foliage in the background.

Music From the Purple House

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I am a musician who, in addition to writing my own music, plays the traditional and early music of the British Isles and Italy. As a vocalist who also plays dulcimer, recorder, pennywhistle and harp, I have performed in Medieval and Renaissance Festivals, including ten seasons at the New York Renaissance Faire; as well as Charity events, benefits, and First Nights. My previous bands were A Couple Of Note and The Broad Street Troubadours, with whom I've recorded two CDs. I am now soloing as "Una Cantante" and have played at the Cape May Renaissance Festival, The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park in New York, and The Belmar Art Walk in Belmar NJ. In 2012, A Couple of Note, donated a performance to raise money for the Red Cross to help victims of Superstorm Sandy.
I have been a featured artist on the "Notes From New England" portion of  "The Wimmin's Show" on KZUM radio, and was interviewed by Colette O'Connor. 

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 Maybe, one day, I'll organize the poetry I've written into a book but, for now and as per whim, I'll share two or three of them here.



Enfold me, Lady, softly in your wings,

Till stellar flights carry me away

from this Earthbound pain of a mortal’s womb

Where my babies slept and the reaper

wields his blade.


Let me fly as crystals of Light

to a blessed lonely place

Whose peace swells in a hush

under the flutes of planets,

Where the water is a clear reflection

of ageless wishes in a time

When past lives’ Karma comes home

to a woman’s burning soul

Dreaming, at last, of a wish unspent,

Till the motion of Earth and the passing of years

Brings Love home in Karma’s wake,

When yearning wells in a frantic hum

of consummate white of flesh upon flesh,

And runs me through – Love’s savage wound –

There lies a heart that harbors an exquisite sorrow,

As beneath the fiery passion of a flaming sky

Lies the cold, old power of rocks.


Enfold me, Lady, softly in your wings,

Lost in a spell of mugwort and blue

I am the dreamer.

Entice me, now, to stay forever;

And the dead really sleep

As we share the stars.



You said you are the Sun of Kings and

I am the Queen of Queens;

What a lovely fantasy of us reigning together

over love – in love – but never above it,

For we are ordinary, my love,

maybe a little unique,

But no better than any other spirit that flies.


The bait was in that we felt so right,

and we did, for a moment, soar so high

That I could believe, just then,

that you were the Son of Mars and I

some distant goddess;

Surely, my hair turned red beneath your eyes.


But never on a cold, cold night could I feel

anything betrayed,

though you left me frightened and alone

‘til the end of our days,

Promising to return and not ever meaning

a word you would say,

You went in a blaze of darkness and mournful lies.


And now I hover sadly low, feeling the wind

fade from beneath my wings;

And I want to say “I loved you truly”

to your absent face

which once smiled on mine so sweetly –

I’m haunted by your farewell’s poisoned sting,

And my heart’s song is silenced to whispers

and endless sighs.



Unusual for the light in which we shine

to sound in chords of music

that leap from night air

in the hands

of soft summer.


A memory breaking the waves of mourning

stillness for lost warmth

and sleeping trees

for we miss our friends’ laughing song;

but the echo of their patient branches

tell us that it’s been before.


Winter winds whip our hair into our faces

and blind us as we slip on ice

till we can see, through frozen tears,

the evergreens dance.

Ukulele Sirens
Songs for the Sea
Ukulele Sirens, Songs for the Sea logo. A mermaid with a green tail and green hair is playing a green ukulele.

I am so proud to have been asked to contribute a couple of my poems to this wonderful group of artists who are working for an excellent cause!

" Ukulele Sirens from all around the world, unite their voices to create a common album dedicated to the ocean and the wonders of nature.

Our goal is to inspire: with music, art, poetry, photography and more. We hope to inspire the world to care about our waters, about the oceans and our beautiful blue planet."

 All the profits of this album are given to different organisation to help protect the ocean (marine mamal association,, 1% for the planet)!

You can find the album on their website, Songs for the Sea!

My poetry can be found here!

All Poetry © Jodi DiLiberto. All rights reserved. 

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