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Artist's Statement

I am an artist, musician, poet. Even as a child, the wondrous beauty and magic of our planet has always been obvious to me, and I was lucky enough to never take it for granted. I see portals to lovely places in the shadows; peace and bliss in colors. It’s through art that my joy and delight in life come across. I hope you feel it, too! 


As a Musician, in addition to writing my own music, I play the traditional and early Music of the British Isles and Italy. As a Singer who also plays dulcimer, recorder, pennywhistle and harp, I have performed in Medieval and Renaissance Festival, as well as Charity events, benefits, weddings and First Nights. My previous bands were The Broad Street Troubadours, with whom I've recorded two albums and played for ten seasons with the New York Renaissance Faire. I solo as "Una Cantante" and have played, for many years, at the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park in New York, and have enjoyed hearing my music on Pandora, Pirate Radio in Eastern Oregon, and Colette O'Connor's "Notes from New England" portion of “The Wimmin's Show" on KZUM radio.


In November 2015 fellow poet, Neil Milliner, and I released our book: The Poetry and Prose of Jodi DiLiberto and Neil Milliner. That book is now out of print.

Two of my poems appear on Ukulele Sirens: SONGS FOR THE SEA, a project created to benefit the world's oceans:


From the Purple House,

Jodi DiLiberto

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