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Help the World's Children

Updated: Jan 6

For more than twenty-three years, it was my great joy and privilege to have been the music and art teacher of young children in a wonderful, progressive private school. I also had the joy of teaching instrumental music to children in private lessons. Even though my title was “teacher”, I never really felt that teaching was the most important part of my work . It can't be, with the arts. For the children, I was really a “facilitator” of experiences that inherently belonged to them.

The children, though they didn't know it, had so much to teach me. We shared experiences together and learned from each other.

I've also worked with children who have disabilities, and this was a unique and rewarding time in my life. I learned that I could see the world through their eyes and feel what they feel, and the world became richer for me.

Because of these experiences, even though I don't teach anymore, I will always be an advocate for children. It's become a large part of who I am.

In 2022, I created this digital painting, "Sunflower for the Children of Ukraine", for the purpose of helping the children of Ukraine. I donated, and will continue to donate, 100% of my profits from sales of prints of it to Save the Children/Ukraine. A big "Thank you!" to everyone whose purchases have made this possible!

I realize, however, there are children in desperate situations all over the world, and so I've decided to donate 100% of the profits from purchases of my work, "A Torch to Light the Way" to Save the Children, to provide life-saving relief to children everywhere.

If you would like to help, by making a purchase, you will find the links to my Pictorem shop by clicking the images.

If you would like to help the world's children, without making a purchase, you can do so by going directly to my page at Save the Children's website. Find it here.

As always, thank you so much!

Jodi DiLiberto

From the Purple House

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