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Welcome to My Galleries!

Enjoy my collections of Fractal Art, Paintings, Photographs, and Digital Design!

Everything you see is my own work. You'll find no Artifical Intelligence (AI) images here.

Abstract Fractal Art

Fractal Art is a form of digital art that uses mathematical algorithms to create fascinating and complex images . 

A fractal copper colored Mandala with the Yin and the Yang at its center. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Balanced Duality

Fractal image of an arrangement of purple petals spilling from a golden bowl on a colorful pedestal. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Fractal Arrangement

A fractal image of an abstract butterfly with colorful wings in shades of purple yellow pink and green. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto
A fractal image of a multi-colored torch burning in the middle of an elaborate gold and purple gateway. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

A Torch to Light the Way

A Parti-Colored Butterfly

A fractal image in which four rainbow colored birds are enjoying a romantic night in the garden among the purple, green, and yellow flowers and a central heart with an  asymmetrical design.

Triumph of Love

A teal and pink fractal image of orbs within orbs. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Portals from Portals

 Fractal image of an orange and green flower with many interlacing petals nestling on a bed of shimmering multi colored foliage. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Entwined Corolla of a Fractal Flower

Fractal still life of a purple,iridescent vase on a purple glass table. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Iridescent Vase

Fractal image of purple hanging blossoms and three blue gold and purple fish swimming in a geometric pond under a purple moon.

Under a Fractal Moon

A fractal image of an abstract shell in orange blue and purple opening to reveal a hidden pearl. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Semiprecious Secret

Fractal image of a bright silver bowl with a bright silver abstract star hovering over it. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Startling Realization of a Brilliant Thought

Fractal image of a blue cave with a blue diamond superimposed in front of the opening. Fractal  art by Jodi DiLiberto

Sometimes, Out of the Darkest Place

Fractal image of a whirligig in shades of red, orange, green, and yellow.

Diffracting Whirligig

Fractal image of green diagonal chequered pattern. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Bishop's Path

Fractal image of a masquerade mask in purple,orange,red,yellow,and pink. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Mask for a Masquerade

An abstract fractal of geometric shapes in pastel pink purple and gold, fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Cubist Hippie

An elaborate frame in shades of green and orange

Overdid It on the Frame

Fractal image of a broken disc in shades of gold, brown, green, and orange. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Fractured Disc

Fractal image of a crystal ball with coppery red filaments and golden highlights mounted on a copper stand. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto.

The Scrying Ball

Fractal art with spirals and spheres in pink, lavender, and gold by Jodi DiLiberto

Celestial Convergence

Abstract fractal image of a pink and green dragon’s lair with a solo, left handed harp in the midst of its chaos.
A fractal image of a golden flower burning in a red hot fire while starry faeries dance above in a night sky. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Recital at the Lair of the Dragon

Consumed by Fiery Passion

An image of three purple webs intertwined in the midst of this jewel toned fractal. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Cooperatively Spun

Fractal image of a shiny, transparent, purple, and gold fabric entangled in cobwebs. In the calm center is a candlestick holding a single amethyst crystal.

Inner Sanctum

An abstract fractal image of two purple and gold diverging paths lit by oval medallions of gold. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Illumination of Parallel Paths

An abstract fractal image in bright blue and yellow of an excited heart framed within an aura of geometric angles. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

I Think He Likes Me

Fractal image of pink and purple metallic spiral satellites orbiting a stack of glowing discs with turquoise borders.

Synchronized Orbits

A fractal image of sail boats on the reflection of  a copper colored city in the light of a copper colored moon. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Sailing on a Moonlit Night

fractal image of golden spirals and an abstract sea star in reddish orange. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Logarithmic Spirals and a Sea Star

Fractal image depicting two abstract, triangular shapes with one descending over the other in a kiss. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

At Long Last

Fractal image of a pink and purple, flowery, fantasy planet with smaller,identical moons by Jodi DiLiberto

Floral Medley

Fractal image of a broken, purple disc. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Broken, But Still Purple

A serene fractal cat meditates, with closed eyes, in the midst of  jagged edged chaos in pink, yellow, and red. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Cat in the Midst of Chaos

Fractal image of three spiraling pointers in brown, gold, and red. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Trajectories of Divergent Dreams

Fractal image of a lens magnifying a portion of a spiraling fractal cosmos. Fractal image by Jodi DiLiberto

Through the Lens

Fractal image of a purple pinwheel with a many petaled lotus at its center. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Delight in the Inner Mandala

Abstract Fractal image of the ancient goddess in copper and yellow colors. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto.


Fractal image of magic steaming in purple from two golden cauldrons. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto


Fractal abstract image of green and gold Spirits dancing with abandon in a joyful Circle Dance. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Circle Dance

Fractal image of a pink heart outside a pink window with nine panes.

Wishing to Come In

fractal image of beads and flowers in purple and yellowish green. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Elegant Incandescence

Fractal image of three purple flowers floating in a small pool which is surrounded by green and purple geometric shapes.

Respite in the Quiet Place

Fractal image of a an orb with flaming orange tentacles. A fractal image of the droste effect. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Tentacled Microcosm

A fractal image of a layered geometric fan in rust and brown. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Rapidly Rotating Blades of a Fractal Fan

Fractal image of a sphere emitting concentric waves in blue and greenish yellow.

Sending Out Radio Waves

Fractal image of a turbulent cosmos in pink, orange, and golden colors. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Visitors to the Peaceful Turbulence

Green and violet, abstract fractal image of faeries with twirling gowns and graceful wings. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Graceful Wings and Gowns that Twirl

A fractal patterned spiral in red pink purple and gold by Jodi DiLiberto.

Manifesting Cosmic Delight

An abstract fractal of swirling orbs in chaotic and colorful orange gold and purple. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

The Radiance of Sisters

An abstract fractal image of a green spaceship entering a purple realm in space. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Journey to the Amethyst Realm

Fractal abstract image of four stars on a background of irregular,broken,woven lines in green, gold, and orange. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Four Stars on a Broken Crate

Fractal image of an abstract blossom with its petals open to reveal three rainbow spiral galaxies. Fractal Art by Jodi DiLiberto

Revelation of a Closed Universe

Fractal image in swirling red by Jodi DiLiberto

Chaos in the Morning

An abstract depiction of the purple Crown chakra floating atop swirling, purple turbulence.

Astral Projection through the Crown Chakra

Abstract Fractal Art


I paint what I love in Nature and try to capture the emotions in the faces of people who in some way touch me. I hope my paintings impart the feeling that there is more there than you can actually see. It is such great fun to pick up a brush full of paint, touch it to the canvas and watch a world appear!

The silhouette of the almost bare branches of a tree in the brilliant oranges, yellows, and purples of a late afternoon in autumn. A Faerie, with wild dark hair and a purple dress, sits on a limb of this tree and chats with a purple bird who has come to visit her. Scattered among the branches are the silhouettes of smaller birds who are just enjoying the evening.

A Conversation at Dusk

painting of apples,acrylic painting,botanical painting,painting of spring, painting of fruit,painting by Jodi DiLiberto


Painting of a garden,landscape,painting of summer,painting of a rock wall,painting of woods,painting by Jodi DiLiberto
Painting of a sunflower on a blue background. Painting by Jodi DiLiberto

Sunflower for the Children of Ukraine

Painting of a butterfly, painting of a Zabulon skipper,painting of foliage,painting of a garden,painting of nature,painting by Jodi DiLiberto

Zabulon Skipper

Landscape,painting of mountains,painting of blue ridge mountains,impressionistic painting of blue ridge mountains, painting of shenandoah valley, painting by Jodi DiLiberto

Skyline Drive

Nunnie's Garden

I don't have good photos of these portraits and so, I can't offer prints of them. They are here only because I wanted to share them. I love these very expressive faces, which were such a pleasure to paint.

Portrait of a girl with tiger makeup, Portrait of Kat, Portrait by Jodi DiLiberto


 Portrait of a sleepy boy in a hat, Portrait of Bode, Portrait by Jodi DiLiberto




Capturing, with my camera, the things that capture me

Photograph of the boardwalk, beach, and blue sky at Spring Lake NJ in the late afternoon. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto

Almost Dusk

Photograph taken from a wooden bridge of the pink edge of sunset in a blue sky over blue water at Spring Lake New Jersey. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto.

The Beginning of Sunset

Photograph of golden sunlight on a late summer afternoon illuminating the bridge at Divine Park in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

A Golden Afternoon in Spring Lake NJ

Photograph of a pink rosebud seen through frost on a window in winter. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto


Surrealistic photo of a tea kettle amid sunset clouds and silhouettes of branches. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto

High Tea

A grey sundial with some green patina is littered with Autumn leaves and polynoses. Photo by Jodi DiLibertoberto

Time Forsaken

Photograph of an impressionistic pond with orange Autumn leaves and blue water, Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

The Mill Pond in Autumn

Photograph of asclepias which has gone to seed. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Asclepias Promise

Photograph of a grey catbird with puffed out feathers and its wings raised to fly. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

About to Take Flight


photograph of white blackberry blossoms, photograph of white flowers, photograph of spring,photo of blackberry blossoms, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Blackberry Blossoms

Photograph of birch trees with evergreen branches, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Among the Birches

Photograph of a monarch butterfly drinking nextar from milkweed on a green background,photo by Jodi DiLiberto

Dining on Milkweed

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