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Where is Nunnie's Garden?

In a recent post I described Nunnie's Garden, which was at my Great Grandmother's house on a mountain in New York State. I thought I would share a photo of that house, which was called "Wanderwalk". It began as a one room cabin, and my Great Grandmother, Lois Bertling, built the rest - mostly with her own hands. My Mother, as a child, watched as she dug out the basement, after the house was built, and put up support beams as she went along! There was magic at Wanderwalk, and it was well known that here dwelled the Little People. Lois was not a warm and cuddly Grandmother, but her quiet power allowed her to build a house, almost from scratch, and not disturb or upset the Faerie Folk. I sometimes saw them in the flowers! Nunnie's Garden would be a little distance behind the person taking these photos, and off to the left. This is where I found Peace as a child. This is where I can always find Peace. Grandmother died, and my parents sold it when I was thirteen, but it has never left my heart. Wanderwalk never leaves the heart of anyone who has ever been there.

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